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The island of Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) has long been famous for producing the world’s finest tea. We want our customers to enjoy these superior flavors and aromas. Ceylon Tea Boutique is your premiere spot for organic loose-leaf teas made and served ethically.


JONES carries the following certificates ensuring that all products are manufactured under stringent quality assurance controls in compliance with International Food Safety Standards:

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Tea can be many things. It can be routine, ritualistic, calming, & thirst quenching.

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Consistency of tea is one of the critical elements to establish and grow a brand.

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Customers Reviews

“The quality of these teas is not something that can be described with words, people need to try them to know why I choose Jones over other teas. Teas from Ceylon Tea Boutique are part of my everyday life.”
Same Ashok

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“I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised, Earl Grey is my favorite and I did find that it made me feel relaxed after a stressful day at work.”
Mike Sendler